Journey into the heart of the human condition through the eyes of an explorer.
Director + Writer + Cinematographer + Editor : Abram Fischer
Musical Score : Matthew Nimmo

A daydream of another world from within this one.
Director + Cinematographer + Editor : Abram Fischer
Music : Mount Kimbie + James Blake
Cast : Laura Pineda-Fischer

We all have within us, an inner warrior. One who is there to bring us strength, courage, and guidance.
Director + Cinematographer + Editor + Writer : Abram Fischer
Music : Message to Bears
Colorist : Shaina Kasanoff

Journey into the light of creation.
Director + Cinematographer + Editor + Writer : Abram Fischer
Music : Julianna Barwick
Colorist : Shaina Kasanoff

This film explores the reality that humanity must move from living in a story of separation, into one of inter-being. To call forth the truth that lies within all of our indigenous souls.
Director + Editor + Cinematographer : Abram Fischer
Music : Samalot
Voices (in order of appearance) : Robert Moore, Martín Prechtel, Charles Eisenstein


Official music video
Director: Abram Fischer
Director of Photography: Ryan McDonald
Lead Actor 1: Caleb McDonald
Lead Actor 2: Kerry Westcott
Lead Actor 3: Sunny Allison
Lead Actor 4: Catherine Warner

Official music video, 2011
Director: Abram Fischer
Cinematographer : Ryan McDonald
Producer: Filippo Nesci
Executive Producer: Jack Richardson
Production Company: The Masses
Rep: Doomsday Entertainment

Director: Abram Fischer  
Featuring the art of: Robert Irwin
Cinematography: Ryan McDonald
Acting: Nacho Gonzales
Music by: Oni Ayhun ( Thanks to: Danny First  
ACE Gallery (

Official music video, 2011
Director: Abram Fischer
Cinematography: Chris Saul
Producer: Athena Roscoe
Assistant Director: Armen Perian


Director + Writer + Cinematographer: Abram Fischer
Starring: Stanton Pavlicek